You see when you believe:

25 Aug

My best friend said this- ‘You see when you believe; it should not be- you believe when you see …as always’. Maybe that can be romantic vs practical. Usually that is what people do- they believe only when they see things. But if you believe, you will see things.

You may know the story of the frog that lived in a pond. A bird who travelled a lot, said to him that the world is so big, and there is ocean which is much bigger than his pond. The frog couldn’t accept or believe that. In his view his pond is his world. That is what he saw, and that is what he can believe.

We all created our own world around us. It is the world of beliefs, knowledge, thinking, reading, people around us, and religion, etc. Everything around us makes a world of our own…. our own pond. It is comfortable, and it is hard to look beyond that. When anything comes beyond that, it is hard to accept.

In everyday life, we see these frogs everywhere. They will be so stubborn that they cannot even listen what the other is saying. Sometimes we are that frog too. Think about it. When someone says more than what we know, are we ready to accept it? Can we believe something we cannot see? Can we believe and leave the pond to see the ocean?

Yes, to see the ocean, we have to leave the pond. When we come out of our pond of ignorance, when we are ready to learn, we can see a bigger world. To see the infinite possibilities of our mind, we have to leave the doubts in ourselves. To be free as a bird, we have to be broadminded and accepting. We will see wonders when we believe!

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