Standing up for what is right:

26 Nov

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Standing up for what is right is not an easy task to do. It needs great strength and courage. Sometimes it can happen only with great support from someone as strong as the other person. Most of the times it can cause materialistic loss like money, position, etc. And, sometimes they will be even looked as if they are fools in this practical world. People wonder do they ever gain anything by ‘Standing up for what is right’?

Most of the time when people stand up for what is right, they don’t gain anything for themselves. They gain for others. It is a selfless act. It can take away their peace of mind too. Then why do they do it?

When we stand up for what is right, we gain something for others in society. It makes you strong in who you are. Most of the time, people don’t express who they are because of various reasons. Then we are suppressing the real person in us. If we suppress that real person all the time, one day he/she is going to explode which can make things worse. Suppressing our self is like dying each time. ‘Standing up for what is right’ is a basic human right for each person. When people deny that for various reasons, they treat others as slaves or act selfishly.

Popular people or public figures will be afraid to talk about their true feelings. When American President Obama talked about his feelings about being black, I felt respect towards him as a person. He just stood up for what he felt right to say or act.

When I say ‘Standing up for what is right’, I think it is important to add “in your heart” too. Because what I felt right may not be the same for others. It will help others to understand better if they have an ear to listen.

When you ‘Stand up for what is right’, you are living as the real ‘YOU’. It is living life in all its fullness.

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  1. Ter

    November 27, 2013 at 1:49 pm

    Write and right on!