Relations are complicated, but precious:

15 Aug

Too many emotions, prejudices of society, and perceptions of individuals are weaved together in relations in a very complicated way. Each person is different and that makes it more difficult in relations.

We all grow up in different environments seeing different ways of life. Just like learning our first letters, we learn lessons of life from parents, relatives and people around us. We take them as our own lessons of life. Separation from a toy is different for a child and a grown-up. According to age and culture, the lessons learned are different for each individual. They adopt them in their life or personal culture.

When it comes to relations, all these factors are present. But still, with all its complexities, it is sweet and precious. I know an old man who lived alone all his life. He had many acquaintances and distant relatives, but not many close people except very few. I saw his feelings of loneliness and being unwanted from the world around him. He is very old and people find it so boring or funny to talk to him. He was complaining that in his days, kids helped old people, and he himself looked after his parents. He talked about dying–he doesn’t have any desire to live in this world. When I saw him, I realized how precious it is to have meaningful and close relations. I am so grateful that I have many people to care and love.

The one thing we all have to realize is it is so good to feel that people care about us. It is very precious to have relations. Then we are not abandoned but loved. We will never ever be able to replace our loved ones like father, mother, sister, friend, wife, or husband with someone else. Their love and care will be there forever. It may be complicated, but it is precious to have relations.

Feel grateful for relations even though they are often complicated: bring forgiveness in misunderstandings; cherish the moments of love; and forgive the moments of wounds. Don’t ever neglect or abandon relations at any cost.

Keep meaningful relations alive, because they are precious.

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