What I have to give to my kids?

18 Dec

Parenting is a learning process for most people. Just like each person is unique, each situation may be unique too. Parents always want their kids to excel in wherever they are. They are looking for ways to provide the best for their kids. Most of the time, they give whatever the kid wants. Sometimes it is challenging when there is a disappointment from any side. As a parent, what we have to give to our kids?

Children are a part of the family, a part of the parents. When they grow, parents have to make sure they are growing as a part of the family. They must know the family and their situations. Sometimes parents feel bad when they cannot buy the things kids want. But if you talk to them like an individual, explaining why you cannot, they will be able to understand more than you think. Only one thing, don’ feel bad yourself for not able to give. Think backwards, did you felt anything towards your parents because they didn’t give something you want? Parents should give from what they have, not from what they don’t have.

In this materialistic world people often forget the important things- spending time together. Spending time doing whatever they like is giving time for the kid, but make sure it is not doing something what you like. Sometimes when they get older, it is trusting them and letting them do whatever they like to do.  But parents are parents first, and then only they can be friends. Kids need guidance in life even if they think they don’t need it. When it comes to giving, giving yourself is the best thing you can do to your child. Give your time, listen and understand their problems. Sometimes ask them how you can be a help. Make them feel good for who they are, give them confidence. Teach them to accept failures with grace.

Parenting is not an easy task, but it can be fulfilling to see how they grow and become good human beings in this world. Give yourself to your kid; let them be a great individual. They will appreciate that some day!

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