A salute to stay home parents!

29 Sep

I have come across many stay home parents– mostly women. Some of them are content in what they are doing, but some have had an unworthy feeling.

When I look at it, it is such a patriotic thing to do for your country. Raising the next citizens of the country with confidence and love is a noble thing to do. Making your kids better persons in the society is your contribution as a parent to this world. Most of the time, it is a sacrifice.

Most governments won’t recognize this in terms of benefits. One time that was the complaint from a mother– she didn’t have social security or insurance since she didn’t “work.” Sometimes family and other people won’t recognize their efforts saying they are not making money. In the job world also, it is a time off or gap. It is never considered a work experience of any kind. Some people criticize it as if it is laziness.

In society we term “work” in different ways. A cook at the restaurant is working; a caregiver at the childcare care center is working; a janitor is working; a teacher at school is working. But a person who does all these, is not working if they are looking after their own kids.  What an irony! I don’t understand why it is like that? One time I put my time with my kid as an experience in my resume- “Stay home Mom: Achieved ability to multi-task, learned patience and understanding”. It is a full time job. Not only that, when you become a parent, you realize how much you love that little one. You will be ready to do whatever to care for that child.

Staying home as a homemaker has so many advantages. It strengthens the relationship between husband and wife. They realize the sacrifice and effort from each other. For kids also, having their parent looking after them in the security of their own home creates confidence.

If you are a stay-at- home parent, be proud of yourself.  You are such a nice person to do that for your kids, society and country. Never ever feel that you are not worthy since you are not “working.” When kids grow up, you will be going back to work like everyone else. Believe me, you can do as much as anyone else.

I hope everyone realizes the value of stay-at-home parents and give respect accordingly.

Stay-at-home parents are not lazy; but dedicated.

They are valuable to their kids, country and this world!

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