Keys for long lasting happy marriage:How to have a happy marriage life.

14 Sep

Long lasting happy marriage ? Is it only in movies? No. You can have a happy marriage life too. They keys are in you. It is your attitude which makes marriage life happy.

When my in-laws celebrated their 48th wedding anniversary, I asked them what is the secret for their marriage? They said ,“ We live each day, regardless of whether it is good or bad. Each day is a new day in our marriage.”

Marriage is not easy, since it is the life of two people, living together to make a life of their own. Sometimes we don’t know even ourselves, then how can we understand the other fully? So it is easy to have misunderstandings and to make mistakes. But everything can get along well if they can sing the song of life together– in their sorrows, happiness and troubles. It is very easy if they are the best friends for each other. It is an easy ride if they feel like everyday is a matter of  learning from each other.

Marriage is a relationship of love, sharing and friendship. Each day in the marriage should be a new day without the prejudices of the past and fears of the future. There should not be anything left to be said in a marriage… live each day. Tomorrow can be anything… you may be there or not… so talk about everything in your mind to the best friend of your life everyday. Find time everyday to communicate. Spend time together, at least some time, talking about whatever you want to talk. It doesn’t matter whether it is serious or silly– what matters is the communication. If you have any anger, sadness…anything, share it with your best friend. Don’t ever keep any grudge for a later time. It can increase later and break the relation. If you both had a misunderstanding, ask for forgiveness and solve it that day itself. Find a moment to say ‘I LOVE YOU’ with your whole heart… every day.

It is easy to have a long lasting marriage if there is lot of forgiveness and humility. Sometimes it is worth giving a chance also to the repenting party, if there is a mistake.

So marriage is not scary, if you can take the ride together….in everything. Live each day like it is a new day.


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