Importance of communicating feelings in marriage:

18 Jun

Marriage is the union of two identities. People live in their way for many years with their beliefs and mannerisms. With marriage they choose to share that life of theirs. Clashes are common- but to make it in a harmony- communication is important in a marriage. It is the maintenance part of the marriage. It is important to make sure that, feelings are communicated.

Communication can be talking, writing, chatting, helping, or touching. Even an understanding look is communication too. You show your sharing, caring, respect, confidence, and faith…everything through communication. You are letting the other know how dear the other person is through your communication. If we are dissatisfied, didn’t like something…talk about it without accusing the other. Feelings are the ones to be shared, not our opinions or beliefs. Most of the time communication fails if we share our thoughts. We all are filled with our own beliefs, prejudices and opinion. It is not what we think, but what we feel is the important part. What is needed to be communicated is that- feelings. If we can make sure of communicating feelings, it makes the communication successful and marriage too.

People think- “why we have to spent time with each other? She/he knows that I am doing everything for him/her….and I love.” If you plant a tree, you spent time to make it grow. You need to prune it, if there is some other disease or something- you have to treat it. Every time you throw away dead leaves and debris. Otherwise slowly it will stop growing or die. Think about stagnant water? When it is stagnant, the water gets dirty every day. At last, the water get so polluted that, we cannot use that water for anything. To make the river useful or the water clean, it needs protection and maintenance.

First of all, you need love to make a marriage happen. You need intimacy with love to keep that marriage going for ever. Marriage can be there for the namesake even though there is love. Marriages need constant care. We cannot make the relations – like stagnant water. It needs to be flowing. Marriage needs constant care which can be done through communication…. communicating feelings. It is very important to find time for each other every day. Communicating feelings keeps the intimacy in love for a marriage to be successful.

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  1. vp ahmed

    June 18, 2011 at 12:27 am

    Very well said