Listening and telling:

14 Oct

It is very common that we tempt to tell our loving ones this may the right way. We express it in different ways. Some people tell it as jokes, some people tell through the phone, some people through letters.

Telling person thinks that he/she is telling for the other one’s good future. They express what they believe or what their perceptions are. Sometimes it is hard to express. They think their actions are good for the other one.

We may not like what others say always; even it is our own parents. Sometimes the hearing person may not understand the true feeling behind it. They will take it in their perception.

Most of the time, it ruins relations. But if both parties understand the true feeling behind it, that will strengthen their relationship. Both should talk about it …why they said it and why they didn’t like it. Talking about it is hard- since it requires humility and acceptance. Both sides will have some truths and some misunderstandings… understand each other and accept if that is true. If there is hurt, ask for forgiveness. Try to mend relations; do not break it with small reasons.

Sometimes people just stop doing it – like telling their dear ones their thoughts. Some people stop talking to the advising people. When you tell, people don’t like it. When you listen, you don’t like people. But when you stop telling, you are loosing a close relation. The same way, when you stop listening too. We all can be related without closeness. So it is our choice- do we want a relation with closeness/intimacy or a relation for the namesake?

If you choose to have a relation with closeness, you must have a heart to listen and tell. Tell them that it is your suggestions, not your advices. Tell them that, they are not supposed to do that, but listen and think. If someone close is advising you, listen it. It may be right or wrong. But they are saying it because they care. When you listen, it shows that you respect and care too. We don’t know ourselves fully, then how can other people understand us fully? So take the good part from it.

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