How to create intimacy in relations?

17 Dec

Intimacy or attachment is a rare gift to treasure. Love without intimacy is possible? Yes. There will be lot of people in marriage who love each other, but there is no intimacy at all. There will be parent child relation, but no intimacy at all. There are siblings who have love, but no intimacy. What is intimacy and how it is important in a fulfilling relationship?

Love is a feeling you have to another…it can be care, affection, admiration, infatuation…anything. But intimacy is more than love. You can love without intimacy, but you cannot have intimacy without love. Intimacy is a feeling of freedom with the loved one. You can talk anything, say anything, cry, laugh, be angry …it is like you are ‘just you’. You don’t become someone else there to hide your own feelings.

Intimacy will not be created by time, it needs effort. Intimacy can be created only with honesty, trust, respect, understanding and most of all, sharing.

Intimacy can be created from sharing small things in life. For most people, work or school is very routine and boring. But that is the life they are living… that is the environment they spent their time. When you pay attention to notice their friends and colleagues, it becomes different. You have something to talk…or start a topic every day. It is important to know and acknowledge what the other person is doing and how they feel about it. When you pay attention, it shows that you care. Think how you became friend with someone…then what you talked first. Just like that talk about small things ….intimacy will grow there. Later we will be able to talk about big things too, with our loved ones, without much precaution.

Sometimes this may create problems in relations, if we cannot understand it.  If loved ones say things we don’t like, remember… it is their care or love. When we share our feelings honestly, intimacy can be created there. Mutual understanding is essential for intimacy to thrive in relations.

Intimacy with loved one is important to live life happy. If we have that, we don’t seek anything else to satisfy our ego. Our self esteem will be so high that we are content with what we have.

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