What we can give to others:

29 Sep

Sometimes we wonder what can we give to others? Do you feel like you do not have anything to give?

Is it always about money and the materials people want?

What about a person in despair? What about someone grieving? What about someone who is so alone?

Giving is not about possessions always. A smile, a heartfelt wish, an ear for listening, companionship for a walk, a coffee to share…. everything counts in giving. You do not have to look for the chances of giving always; let it come from you, from your life, from your heart. Give to whomever you meet in your daily and routine life.

A quote from Khalil Gibran: “You give but little when you give of your possessions. It is well to give when asked but it is better to give unasked through understanding.”

We cannot give too much from our possessions. We all have plenty to give from understanding. When we are content in ourselves, we feel so rich in our heart. Then we will feel to give others whatever we have. You will never run out for what you can give because you give yourself.

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