“Love your enemy” – who is my enemy?

09 Aug

One of the famous words from Jesus is ‘love your enemy’. But is it possible to love enemies in real life? Who is my enemy?

When we are at work, we may have people competing with us for higher position; at the track, someone tries to run faster than us; in business, someone tries to get more business than us; in relations someone think different than us;….are they our enemies?

Is competing is enmity? When someone forces us to do something, or taking something from us, are they our enemy? When people behave without ethics, we dislike them, and hate that evilness in them. Are those people our enemies….or we hated the evilness in them? Can we love that people?

Who is our enemy? Enemy is someone who can destroy us -right?

Jesus threw away the people who made God’s temple bad with a whip; he prayed for the ignorant people who persecute him.

At work, someone tries to get higher position by merit or cheating. In business, someone may be able to get our money. But they will not be able to destroy the talent in us. In relations, someone gives us sadness, but they cannot take away our heart.

We cannot love the evilness like dishonesty, cruelty, killing, abuse…etc. The understanding in us helps us to realize some people behave out of impulse, ignorance or unavoidable situations. And that realization helps us to forgive them. But if the act is cold blooded, or they cannot be separated from evil, I am not sure how we can love them.

So our enemies are people?

In all the situations of competition or rivalry, we can do something back, if we wish. It can be positive or negative reaction depends upon the situation. But it is done by us…feelings come from our heart. Anger, forgiveness, sadness, happiness, righteousness, confidence…it comes from our heart…it controls our actions. The enemy in us makes us take bad decisions, and act accordingly. Isn’t it our enemy is in us? My enemy is in myself; my enemy is me!

If my enemy is myself, what Jesus told can be ‘Love yourself’ too. ‘Love myself’ is knowing and accepting myself. It is knowledge that ‘no one can destroy, conquer my soul or spirit unless I allow it’…. It is knowledge that ‘I am free’.

When you love your enemy, you are free…you love yourself. Then you look forward to live your life….then you enjoy your life!

Love your enemy!


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  1. kevin

    February 22, 2013 at 2:23 am

    My eyes are being opened tonight that my enemy is myself. or at least the dark side of myself. The human condition is paradoxical. We are children of God and we are also children of darkness. Coming to terms with our light and dark sides is the journey of a lifetime

  2. Daisy V-Spilker

    February 26, 2013 at 9:58 pm

    Kevin, That is very right. Discovering ourselves is the journey of a lifetime!