How to manage a loss? – A dear one’s death!

06 Sep

One of the hard things in life is death…a dear one’s loss. It is hard to know what to do. If it is an unexpected incident, it will very hard even to digest the fact that they are not in this world any more. These are some tips to manage that loss.

  1. Cry, cry and cry: Yes, it is true. You must cry to let that pain and sorrow to get out of your heart. If you were not able to cry freely, it will be there in your heart, in your chest…uncontrolled. So find a day and time just for crying. A lamenting day just for yourself. Cry your heart out. Be free to do that. Put some noise, or in the shower, so that you can cry loud. Sometimes for that reason, it will be better just to be alone without anyone to distract.
  2. Create memories: Create a scrap book or album and write comments about that.
  3. Talk about it to the closest people: Once you done crying to yourself, you will be able to control your tears to yourself. Talk about it to your closest people. Your relation, love, sorrow…etc. Laugh and cry talking about it, they will understand you.
  4. Do something special for died one- religious rituals or personal rituals: If you are a believer, do rituals for the dead one as per yours or your died one’s belief. Some people spread the ashes around the surroundings they lived….or you can decorate a belonging from your dear one in a special place.
  5. Plant a tree: Trees live many years and it is useful for the world. Plant a tree in your dear one’s memory.
  6. Dedicate something: You can dedicate something nice for your dear ones. Some of them are:  Dedicate your writing- books, thesis, blog, poem..etc. ;Create a scholarship;  Donation to a charity
  7. Don’t stop your memory or tears: It is common to feel sad when we remember or say about it.  Sometimes it is hard to hide the wet eyes. Don’t stop it, the other will be able to understand it. If not, it is not your problem. When you feel sad, take your photo album and go through it. If you like to write journals, write about it.
  8. Accept the truth: We have to accept the truths of life. Life is not in our control, accept it with humility.

People live in hearts forever! They never go away from our memories!

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