My religion, my belief, mine- is the best!

07 May

We hear that ‘don’t talk about politics, religion and salary (for men) age (for woman)’. If we do so, it can become a heated argument, sometimes it ruins even relationship.

Most people think whatever they believe is the best. Is that true? Why all these religions and beliefs started?

Everything came out of a need to live the life better. Sometimes it is religions which show the path to people to live their life. Sometimes it is a ‘Guru’s who shows that path. Sometimes it is great leaders. But all those are for one aim- to be a good human being.

People live in the mountains see streams and creeks. Some people see rivers…some are amazed by the Ocean. Rivers, streams and creeks flow to the Ocean….they may take different paths- but it reach in the Ocean at last.

Ocean is the destination- or where people want to be with inner peace. It can be finding God or finding truth about life. We are riders in the rivers…rivers can be religions, Gurus, teachers-whoever leads or shows the path to us. We take ‘flowing path of a river’ to live our life. Sometimes we change our paths. We live the life we think the best with our beliefs and opinions. We all have different paths. We all have different view about life and how to live it.

Everything is water, but how they see that water is different. People like the water they thought the best. Whatever is comfortable with their situations- is the best water or best medium for them. It is the same with our beliefs. But whatever belief we have, we are all human beings. We all have same destination to live this life with peace. If we can understand that, we will have broad mind to see this world with lot of difference.


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  1. Sethupathi

    May 7, 2010 at 1:05 pm

    Exactly, these will also lead to the world in great peace and fun to live.

  2. Renuka

    May 11, 2010 at 1:51 am

    True. Understanding the other person totally is the Key. Accepting other people, thier beliefs, their value system in totality is a beautiful thing. The CORE is the same.