Is everyone equal?

22 Jun

Everyone is equal? Why people think they are higher or lower than others? Is rich better than poor? Is white better than black? Are men better than woman? Is there better race, nationality, religion or age? It seems endless.

Sometimes we feel like we are less than someone else in terms of money, position, family and talents etc. Sometimes we get treatment from others like we are lesser than the other. We get discouraged or hurt by these kinds of experiences. But is it true that we all are equal?

I had a relative who was ‘mentally retarded’ for others. But when I heard about him, I was amused by his actions and words. He was fearless, happy and innocent. His life was full of adventures, and contentment. He didn’t see the value in money, status, position, fame, etc. He enjoyed his life with what he had. He didn’t want more or less. He lived his life in its full extent. Words of wisdom from that ‘mentally retarded’ person – “’Honest to God’, be just honest to each other and ourselves!”

Are we superior to someone just because we have something better than the other? Whatever we have can be lost at any time. House can be lost in a fire, looks can be lost in an accident, health can be lost with sickness, intelligence can be lost with Alzheimer’s…It seems like everything is under control, but truly nothing is under control. Then how can we be proud of having what we have?

Am I lower to someone because I don’t have what they have? Can they possess my uniqueness? Do they have whatever I have? Is my happiness lesser than their money, position or fame?

This is about a man who lived as a janitor and gave away millions!

Sometimes we wonder why they acted like that. They could’ve lived a life of luxury. That janitor never felt he is less than someone. He was proud of the work he did. He never felt to show people about his money and values.

Look at this world. Everything is in balance. Lions and ants live in the same world. Both are important for the ecosystem. Do small and big matter? Each and everyone have a place in this world. Do our part better every day.

Equality brings respect. There are people who will not respect others, or will not consider others equal to themselves. Sometimes equality is not something you can demand by force. Sometimes we cannot do much due to financial, social or political situations. But if we can do something to promote equality in the society, even if it is a little bit, do it for yourself and others.

We don’t have to change this whole world to make our life happy. When you feel like you have to prove to someone, then you don’t feel equal to the other people. Equality comes to you by your actions and confidence. When we have acceptance in our self, equality will not be an issue for us. When we have the feeling that we are equal to everyone, we can live our life happier.


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  1. Janardhana Hebbar

    June 22, 2010 at 12:53 pm

    Equality, peaceful co existence and “live and let live” attitude brings to our lives a lot of positivity and freshness. Thanks for a good post. 🙂

  2. Ter Landreau

    June 24, 2010 at 12:38 pm

    My favorite part of this is the point that no one else can possess our uniqueness. That is so basic and so beautiful for each of us to remember to treasure ourselves as a gift to the world.

  3. Daisy V-Spilker

    June 25, 2010 at 12:56 am

    Very true….life is a gift.