When bad things or sufferings come upon you:

25 Mar

Most of us are people who go through difficult situations in life. Sometimes things happen so unexpectedly. We think of it bad…or why these sufferings only for me? Then life seems so difficult. We may not be ready to accept that. It may take long time to recover from those hurtful feelings. Is there a better way to look when bad things or sufferings come upon you?

Whatever is happening to us is the most important, because we feel it. We know taste of mango only if we taste it. We know poverty only if we suffer that…we know pain of loss only if we lose someone. We live in that experience. Do we think those happened to others also? If we hear also, we will say- ‘but mine was different…I did that and this- but still it happened to me’- Right? We all live in our own world.

What we have to do is- come out of our world. Look around us. Read the stories of other people who had the same or similar experiences. Look at people who had those experiences. What they did, how they found a solution, how they overcome it…if we can read those, and then we will realize ours is not that much different.

Maybe we have to have a different perspective of how we take it. If we take it so negative, it affects us so much.  But if we can take that in a positive way, it will be different. Inevitable things, like death, serious illness, and natural disasters…are not in our control. Our heart, feelings, how we can live- is in our hands.

Accept life as it comes. Believe, all are happening for best. When it is happening, most of the time it is hard to think that way. But think about a past incident where you felt broken….how you look at that now? What it gave you, made you? At that time it would’ve been hard on you; made you feel broken hearted, and lost. But now if you look at that now, how you feel about that?  It might’ve made you stronger and knowledgeable…maybe you learned a lot from mistakes. One of the best metaphors I love to think is ‘Goldsmith‘. Goldsmith wants to make a beautiful creation; for that he put the raw metals in fire to make it pure and ready to make a form. He use different techniques and make his work into a beautiful creation. He knows when it is ready, so that he will take it out of fire. If we can take our sufferings like that, it will help us look forward to life with hope.

Taking in a positive way doesn’t mean, smile always even if you are so sad. Be knowledgeable about your situation, and consequences of decisions. Think about it well, seek advice from close ones, and most important- look into your heart. You do the best you can with integrity….and leave the rest to whatever happens. Don’t hold it like you need the control. Open up your hands…heart…blow it like it is a feather!

  1. vishnu

    April 6, 2011 at 8:17 pm

    The important thing towards life is how it percieved by us . The bad things m good things are happened to every one but things goes defferent on the basis of how we reacted on it .that is the philosaphy of life

  2. Daisy V-Spilker

    April 7, 2011 at 12:26 pm

    You said it right-Vishnu. Life evolves good or bad as per our perception.