Life is a gift

23 Jul

We hear it always that Life is a gift. When difficulties arise, we feel like we want to have an end to our life. Sometimes life seems so boring, and meaningless. So is life really a gift?

Did we choose our parents? Did we choose our color, personality traits, and location? Are we so sure that we were going to be born in this world?  We could’ve died with various reasons. Parents or mothers could’ve decided not to bring us out in this world. So is this life ours?

What are we complaining about? …about what we don’t have? Are we using our capabilities well? Do we realize that each person is so unique?

Helen Keller was blind and deaf. But her accomplishments made her a role model for millions of people.

Christopher Reeve, who was ‘Super man’ got paralyzed in the middle of his career. But he never looked back or engulfed in self pity. His life inspires lot of people.

Jessica Cox was born without hands, but she is able to fly an airplane! Check out

“The Greatest Gift” is a 1943 short story written by Philip Van Doren Stern which became the basis for the film It’s a Wonderful Life. The hero George was ready to commit suicide, and then a man took him to a world where he was never born. Everyone who knew him took different and often negative steps in life because George had never been born: including his little brother, who he had saved in a pond accident and instead had died without George to save him. He realizes that the greatest gift he has is his life.

The best gift we got in this world is our life. We all have to be happy and grateful about our life. The gift we can give to this world is what we do with our life. Live this life in its full extent!

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