Do I do things to make this world a better place?

14 Aug

Without knowing also, we did make a change in this world. We help people in different ways. Like our parents we bring up our children, we help our family and friends. We do our boring, maybe routine work…but in the web of society we help each other with that job.

Everyone cannot be like Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King or Helen Keller. But everyone can be who they are, and do what they can.

It doesn’t matter if others do it or not. A beautiful world reflected in yourself means you must. The world around us can be cruel, bad, ugly,whatever. But, what about you?  Do you have to be cruel, bad and ugly as well? Are you going to be just like those who create such a grim place? Don’t do the bad and the ugly, then this world will be good and beautiful. Maybe not for everyone, but for you!

Every small deed matters. Some days it may be just a smile to the stranger. Other days it maybe just time with our kids or a visit to the old. But put your whole heart into what you do. Your deed matters then. You did make a change in this world!

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