‘Love to live, live to love’ – What is Love?

26 May

We hear everywhere about love. But what is true love?

Love is defined in many ways.

My metaphor about Love is:

Look at a lamp. It brightens the room with light removing the darkness. Lot of other lamps can take the light from lamp…but lamp never loses its light even if it gives light to many other lamps. Oil in the lamp enables it to have light. If there is no oil, the light is gone. There is a lamp for the name sake. But it lost its purpose of life; and meaning of its existence.

We are the lamps. Love is the light; it is giving to others and to this world. When we give, we brighten others and this world. When we become good lamps which give light to everyone, we can remove the darkness of this world. Oil is the essence of us; the being; the inner strength. We have to refill that oil by different ways. People refill it by prayers, meditation, helping others, sacrifice…etc. For some, it is a journey to discover that source of oil. When we don’t have that oil in us, we are dead, or the person in us is dead. Then we cannot give love to anyone.

When we look at the great people lived in this world- we can see how many lives were brightened by those people. When you read about them, you may understand how they got their inner strength to do what they did.

One of my favorite verse about love is “Love to live, live to love” from a friend of mine. I thought it is so meaningful. We need love to live this life with meaning. We should live to love ourselves, others, this world and our life.

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