8 things to do when you feel down:

26 Apr

feeling down

Life is a mystery. There will be something always for us to feel down or depressed. It is perfectly alright to feel down. But recovering from that is better for us and others around us. These suggestions may help when you feel down.

  1.  Think about all your issues and be sad for some time- if you feel to cry, do it; if you write journals, write about it. Freak out by yelling, or punching a pillow or punch bag. Do whatever makes you feel good when you are alone. Try to express your sadness in some way.
  2. Take a deep breath, close your eyes and think of a similar issue that happened in the past. How did you handle it? What that taught you-how it affected you later in life?
  3. Now talk to yourself- “Yes, this time also- I can do it or this time I will not make that mistake again. Everything will be ok”. Assure yourself that there is nothing impossible.
  4. Do something which inspires you. If you like to read, read books that inspire you. If you like to pray- do that.
  5. Get up and do something you like. It can be walking, gardening, music, calling a friend, dancing, cooking, playing… etc; anything you enjoy.
  6. Think about your issue and see what you can do about it. Talk to someone you trust and see different options.
  7. If you cannot do anything about it- open up your hand and let it go. Believe- whatever is happening might be good to someone or you.
  8. Smile… get outside and look at the beauty of the world. Who knows tomorrow we will be here or not. Just do the right thing and leave the rest to fate/God as per your belief.

Be free and enjoy life! Face life as it comes!

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