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How to create intimacy in relations?

17 Dec

Intimacy or attachment is a rare gift to treasure. Love without intimacy is possible? Yes. There will be lot of people in marriage who love each other, but there is no intimacy at all. There will be parent child relation, but no intimacy at all. There are siblings who have love, but no intimacy. What is intimacy and how it is important in a fulfilling relationship? Read the rest of this entry »

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“Love your enemy” – who is my enemy?

09 Aug

One of the famous words from Jesus is ‘love your enemy’. But is it possible to love enemies in real life? Who is my enemy?

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All are happening for best

14 Mar


My heart was filled with sorrow

Like the clouds of the sky

And there was nothing except tears

About the cross I bore.

I wandered like a child in strange places

To find out that distant solace of mine Read the rest of this entry »


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Goodness and God:

05 Nov

(My usage here is- without quotes God is the actual word; with quotes ‘God’ is the term when it is used differently)

Whenever people talk about God, it seems like an untouchable subject. Some see it as political, advice, religious or crazy. There is even a saying – not to talk about ‘God, age and politics’ between friends and family.

‘God’ is used everywhere, necessarily and unnecessarily in politics, religion, selfishness, curse, and blessing…etc.

When we think about God – our picture in mind is what we believe or hear about ‘God’. Just like when we hear about ‘Christmas’ some think of festival, Santa, gifts, tree, lights, sacrifice, gift of life…as per the individual’s perception, understanding and experience.

Can we change that image about God? Read the rest of this entry »


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Listening and telling:

14 Oct

It is very common that we tempt to tell our loving ones this may the right way. We express it in different ways. Some people tell it as jokes, some people tell through the phone, some people through letters.

Telling person thinks that he/she is telling for the other one’s good future. They express what they believe or what their perceptions are. Sometimes it is hard to express. They think their actions are good for the other one. Read the rest of this entry »

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‘To be me always’

03 Aug

I try my best to be me always. I remember in my school days, when I was around fifteen, I wrote in some autograph to some of my friends about my goal in life- ‘I just want to be me always’.  For keeping memories, friends took autograph from each other. I am wondering now, what they would have been thinking reading that? It seems so crazy if people do not understand what it means.

‘To be you’- means- be honest to the person in you.

Most of the time we live as some one in the society. Am I right? Think about it. How many times we do the things we don’t want to? How many times we say the things we don’t want to? In the workplace, family… most everywhere we do that often.

But can I be me always? Sometimes we have to consider relationships, culture, rules and regulations, ..etc. It is difficult if we want to live in the society as an ordinary person. People will hate us if we say whatever we feel. A good solution is, bring the common sense and humor and avoid situations where you cannot say the truth.

It is a trying always. It is a fight sometimes… but it is worth trying to be the real ‘YOU’.