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Relations are complicated, but precious:

15 Aug

Too many emotions, prejudices of society, and perceptions of individuals are weaved together in relations in a very complicated way. Each person is different and that makes it more difficult in relations. Read the rest of this entry »

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‘To be me always’

03 Aug

I try my best to be me always. I remember in my school days, when I was around fifteen, I wrote in some autograph to some of my friends about my goal in life- ‘I just want to be me always’.  For keeping memories, friends took autograph from each other. I am wondering now, what they would have been thinking reading that? It seems so crazy if people do not understand what it means.

‘To be you’- means- be honest to the person in you.

Most of the time we live as some one in the society. Am I right? Think about it. How many times we do the things we don’t want to? How many times we say the things we don’t want to? In the workplace, family… most everywhere we do that often.

But can I be me always? Sometimes we have to consider relationships, culture, rules and regulations, ..etc. It is difficult if we want to live in the society as an ordinary person. People will hate us if we say whatever we feel. A good solution is, bring the common sense and humor and avoid situations where you cannot say the truth.

It is a trying always. It is a fight sometimes… but it is worth trying to be the real ‘YOU’.