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Is everyone equal?

22 Jun

Everyone is equal? Why people think they are higher or lower than others? Is rich better than poor? Is white better than black? Are men better than woman? Is there better race, nationality, religion or age? It seems endless.

Sometimes we feel like we are less than someone else in terms of money, position, family and talents etc. Sometimes we get treatment from others like we are lesser than the other. We get discouraged or hurt by these kinds of experiences. But is it true that we all are equal? Read the rest of this entry »


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Paying back!

14 Oct

I know one of my friend who looks after her old mother who has Alzheimer’s. It is very hard for her, but she tries her best. Some people tell to put mother in a nursing home…but for her if she cannot do her best, she won’t feel good about herself. My friend may do it if she cannot handle in any way. But now, she has the resources to do it. She is telling, it is time to pay back for what her mother did. When she had to get up at night, she remembers how her mother had to do that for her!

When I look back in my life, I feel like kids always take it granted that parents do lot of stuff for them. When I became a mother I realized how much I have to thank my mother. When I had my baby with me, it was like I will do anything in this world to protect her. I remembered the incidents my mother was on my side to support, protect and encourage. Then I realized how fortunate I am to have her…I understood the value of having her.

Sometimes we don’t realize how fortunate we are to have mothers. Like everything, we don’t realize the value of something when we have it. I know a woman who said- she is grateful that sometimes her son visits. Sons and daughters, think about your kids…when they grow up, how you want them to be? Be like that to your parents! If you get a chance to pay back, don’t hesitate-go with your heart!

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Do I do things to make this world a better place?

14 Aug

Without knowing also, we did make a change in this world. We help people in different ways. Like our parents we bring up our children, we help our family and friends. We do our boring, maybe routine work…but in the web of society we help each other with that job.

Everyone cannot be like Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King or Helen Keller. But everyone can be who they are, and do what they can. Read the rest of this entry »

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‘To be me always’

03 Aug

I try my best to be me always. I remember in my school days, when I was around fifteen, I wrote in some autograph to some of my friends about my goal in life- ‘I just want to be me always’.  For keeping memories, friends took autograph from each other. I am wondering now, what they would have been thinking reading that? It seems so crazy if people do not understand what it means.

‘To be you’- means- be honest to the person in you.

Most of the time we live as some one in the society. Am I right? Think about it. How many times we do the things we don’t want to? How many times we say the things we don’t want to? In the workplace, family… most everywhere we do that often.

But can I be me always? Sometimes we have to consider relationships, culture, rules and regulations, ..etc. It is difficult if we want to live in the society as an ordinary person. People will hate us if we say whatever we feel. A good solution is, bring the common sense and humor and avoid situations where you cannot say the truth.

It is a trying always. It is a fight sometimes… but it is worth trying to be the real ‘YOU’.


Everyone is unique

03 Aug

We all live such busy lives that we don’t have time to think of ourselves. When you look into the mirror, do you think that ‘I am unique’?

If not, do it. Stand in front of a mirror. Look at yourself from top to bottom. Your head, forehead, eyes, nose….is there anyone just like you in this big world? Isn’t that amazing that there is only one person in this whole world just like you? Even identical twins will be different in many aspects.

If you look different from others, ask why you have to be like others? You can be different. Accept yourself as you are with your pluses and minuses. Love yourself.   If you don’t love yourself, nobody can love you or you cannot give much to others. Do you know why?

When you love yourself, you will be satisfied in who you are, what you have, and you will have time for others to seek the same.

In society we are all under pressure. We try to imitate or impress others by being someone else. Sometimes it kills us to not be the person who we truly are. But it is a part of life, society. There have been people who have lived as themselves in spite of societal pressures. They faced many challenges from society, but their perseverance to be themselves has made society better. Take any great thinker or artist. In their lives we can see that quest in them to be themselves in order to bring beauty to this world. They had to sacrifice a lot of things for that beautiful life. That may not be possible for us. But try your best each day. When we do that– when we try to be the real person in us– only then will we realize the beauty of this life.