Everyone is unique:

‘To be me always’ :

Do I do things to make this world a better place?

Relations are complicated, but precious:

“How not to be so sensitive”

Secret for long lasting happy marriage:

Precious to have you there:

A salute to stay home parents!

What we can give to others:

Listening and telling:

Paying back!

Goodness and God:

How to make ‘work’ a positive experience:

Festivals- Christmas and Hanukkah are passing…. or just happy holidays?


What is Freedom?

Divorce a necessity? Wait!

All are happening for best

Promise yourself- A reminder in life:

My religion, my belief, mine- is the best!

‘Love to live, live to love’ – What is Love?

Is everyone equal?

Life is a gift

“Love your enemy” – who is my enemy?

How to manage a loss? – A dear one’s death!

So lost….

Fragrance of seven dollars

The wings of Solitude

How to create intimacy in relations?


A Silent Sleep

Small things in Life

Diet which will make you lose 10-17 pounds in a week? A GM diet story!

When bad things or sufferings come upon you:

Forgiveness is the essence of love:

How to find intention of our life:

Importance of communicating feelings in marriage:

How to live with sensitivity:

You see when you believe:

Truth of Life

Culture – what it means to each person?

What I have to give to my kids?


What is marriage? What is the significance of marriage?

The greatest loss- loss of Self respect!

8 things to do when you feel down:

In the Moonlight

Expressing our feelings:

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