Culture – what it means to each person?

10 Nov

Culture amazes me always. At the same time it is interesting to see how people use it in different way. For some it is an identity – like they are from this country, or they are this race, or they are in this religion….etc. But is that culture one person’s? What ‘culture’ means to each person?

When I look at ‘culture’ it is about learning values and being a good human being. Culture can be traditions or rituals to symbolize those values which developed from teachers, thinkers, writers, idealists… each sector. In a way, each culture is a treasure from different sources. It is a collection of values and knowledge. There are huge treasures around everywhere. Every country have their own culture; every religion have their own culture…it is amazing to see how much we can learn from everywhere.

But when it comes to a person- culture is what he has, and what he is. A person cannot argue that ‘my culture is that or this sector’s’. They can say they grew up in that culture. People cannot blame one entire culture for an individual’s behavior.

It doesn’t matter a person is in this sector or that…this country or that country, but whether he has that value or not. He can be in any of these sectors, but if he cannot learn values from the culture he is in, he doesn’t have that culture. People learn and absorb different ideas to lead their life from the environment or culture they are growing. At different levels, they adopt some ideas or develop their own to lead their life. Sometimes they change it as per their perspective of life.

A person owns his culture, it is unique. It is in each of us to make our ‘culture’ good or bad.

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