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What is marriage? What is the significance of marriage?

26 Jan

Marriage is accepted as a custom in all cultures, religions, and countries. There are different rituals in different cultures. In different religions, with different ceremonies, it is treated as sacred. In most countries, it is a socially accepted custom with regulations. When time goes on, when individualism increases, it is a question, at least for some people- why marriage? Why it is needed- what is the significance?  Why not live together…what is the difference? Read the rest of this entry »


Importance of communicating feelings in marriage:

18 Jun

Marriage is the union of two identities. People live in their way for many years with their beliefs and mannerisms. With marriage they choose to share that life of theirs. Clashes are common- but to make it in a harmony- communication is important in a marriage. It is the maintenance part of the marriage. It is important to make sure that, feelings are communicated. Read the rest of this entry »

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You need help to avoid a divorce?- How to avoid a divorce

05 Mar

You need help to avoid a divorce. You are very sad even the thought of divorce. You are trying to see what are the ways to avoid a divorce. These tips are from a heart – a heart feel sad to see people in love get separated for wrong reasons and in an impulse. Read the rest of this entry »


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Keys for long lasting happy marriage:How to have a happy marriage life.

14 Sep

Long lasting happy marriage ? Is it only in movies? No. You can have a happy marriage life too. They keys are in you. It is your attitude which makes marriage life happy.

When my in-laws celebrated their 48th wedding anniversary, I asked them what is the secret for their marriage? They said ,“ We live each day, regardless of whether it is good or bad. Each day is a new day in our marriage.”

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