October 19, 2020

What I have to give to my kids?

Parenting is a learning process for most people. Just like each person is unique, each situation may be unique too. Parents always want their kids to excel in wherever they are. They are looking for ways to provide the best for their kids. Most of the time, they give whatever the kid wants. Sometimes it is challenging when there is a disappointment from any side. As a parent, what we have to give to our kids?

You see when you believe:

‘You see when you believe; it should not be- you believe when you see …as always’. When we come out of our pond of ignorance, when we are ready to learn, we can see a bigger world. To see the infinite possibilities of our mind, we have to leave the doubts in ourselves. To be free as a bird, we have to be broadminded and accepting. We will see wonders when we believe!

How to find intention of our life:

Intention in life is not definite. Sometimes it comes through experiences in life. Sometimes it come through some incidents happened in our life. Sometimes people realize it through hardships in their life. To perceive that, we need humility and acceptance. Destination or intention in life- you define as you go. Life is a journey. Take a step at a time.

Small things in Life

This story is from a forward email. It is supposed to be from Lisa Beamer. It shows the importance of small things in our life.
Just stop about worrying too much, let things happen as it is supposed to. It is not in our hands how Life should happen, but we must do whatever is appropriate. Do the best, without predicting the result. Life is to live every day, enjoying what we have. Small things in life matters a lot!

How to create intimacy in relations?

Intimacy or attachment is a rare gift to treasure. Love without intimacy is possible? Yes. There will be lot of people in marriage who love each other, but there is no intimacy at all. There will be parent child relation, but no intimacy at all. There are siblings who have love, but no intimacy. What is intimacy and how it is important in a fulfilling relationship?