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A Silent Sleep

18 Jan

“When I was living here….” Roy started talking. His wrinkled face is excited to see the places where his memories sleeping. He lived here for many years. Today is his eightieth birthday, and he wanted to visit this place. He served in the army and he took care of his old parents. He never got married. He doesn’t have any family whom he is close to. His eyesight got poor during the years, and he couldn’t drive anywhere anymore. That is why I took him today. Read the rest of this entry »

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Fragrance of seven dollars

31 Oct

We were sitting in the bus waiting for it to go to the nearby market. My kids were with me. They love traveling in the bus. They can see all kinds of people and look outside. I could see the bus driver smoking outside as if it was not enough smell inside the bus. He was looking at his watch sometimes. People are walking here and there. Buses were coming and going.

I saw a woman coming inside the bus. She might be nearing her thirties. She was wearing some loose cloths which made her look heavier than she is. She seemed like she has some developmental disabilities. Read the rest of this entry »

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