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In the Moonlight

02 Jul

In the smooth shadowy moonlight

Traveling in the path of memories Read the rest of this entry »

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Truth of Life

27 Sep

[The image is available here]

I didn’t see your beauty
I didn’t notice you
I was so busy
Thinking about the day ahead of me.

When I looked at trees
I saw the lumber in them
When I looked at the sun
I was annoyed by its heat
When I looked at Moon
I was wondering when I can be there.

The whispering of trees
The song of birds
The colorful flowers
The joyful sun
I didn’t see anything.

When I was in my hurry
I hit you in your head
Make you crippled and half dead
When I took you in my arms
I wished to give you the life back
I was helpless, dear bird!

When I stand in that stillness
Truth of life opened
The warmth of nature covered me
I found myself.

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The wings of Solitude

01 Dec

In the path of life

I am alone always

Among the crowds

And surrounded by friends. Read the rest of this entry »

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So lost….

29 Sep

When life brings sufferings as well as joys

I went to that lap always

When I am cranky and moody

I ran to that hand for a hug

I am so lost without that

So lost. Read the rest of this entry »


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All are happening for best

14 Mar


My heart was filled with sorrow

Like the clouds of the sky

And there was nothing except tears

About the cross I bore.

I wandered like a child in strange places

To find out that distant solace of mine Read the rest of this entry »


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Precious to have you there

14 Aug


It is so precious to have someone

Care about me

When you rebuke, I may not like it

I may not even do what you said. Read the rest of this entry »

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