Fragrance of seven dollars

31 Oct

We were sitting in the bus waiting for it to go to the nearby market. My kids were with me. They love traveling in the bus. They can see all kinds of people and look outside. I could see the bus driver smoking outside as if it was not enough smell inside the bus. He was looking at his watch sometimes. People are walking here and there. Buses were coming and going.

I saw a woman coming inside the bus. She might be nearing her thirties. She was wearing some loose cloths which made her look heavier than she is. She seemed like she has some developmental disabilities.

“Honey, are you coming inside”? She talked to a man standing outside. He was looking somewhere. He seemed like her boyfriend.

“Oh” He didn’t seem interested. He looked to the opposite direction.

“I will buy you a coffee”. She looked at him in anticipation.

“Do you have money?” This time the man seemed interested. He looked at her.

“Yes, honey… look at this”. She opened her handbag and took some dollar bills. The man’s eyes gleamed seeing the money. He entered the bus and sat near her.

“Oh honey, you have money. That is so good.” The man was smiling and hugging her.

“Stop honey…One, two..” She shrugged and started to count the money.

“I have seven dollars”. She told with so many smiles like a kid. I could see the entire world in her eyes.

“How you got that money?” He asked in wonder. I missed her explanation in between the nagging of kids asking for water.

“I will buy you a coffee, then some chips”. I heard her promising to him. I looked back at them.

“Honey..these are so new. It smells so good”. She smelled the bills like it is some flower. I wondered whether those bills were that fragrant.

“Let me see”. The man tried to take the bills. She gave it to him.

“Oh yaa….it smells so good. You are so good.” He clutched that money in his hands.

“Honey, please give it back. Give me my money”. She seemed alarmed. But he was reluctant to give it back. He put the money away from her.

“Give me my money” She was pleading this time. She tried hard to take it from him. She seemed like she is going to cry. I was wondering what to do. Kids were looking at them with amusement. After much reluctance he gave the money back. She put the money back in the bag in a hurry and closed it.

I sighed.

Then they started talking. He laughed with his stained teeth. He was telling us how great she is. She was happily nodding her head. She enjoyed being in his arms.

The bus driver entered the bus. Bus started from its sleep with a cry.

The bus is nearing to our stop. The man was still holding her and talking with grin. When I got down, I could still saw her holding her bag close to her heart in between her smiles.

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  1. Mariem

    June 8, 2012 at 3:52 am

    Nohitng I could say would give you undue credit for this story.