Precious to have you there

14 Aug


It is so precious to have someone

Care about me

When you rebuke, I may not like it

I may not even do what you said.

But I realize you love me

You care about my life.

When it comes to my life

I have to live it

With my decisions

And its consequences.

I know what you said

I understood what it meant

Thank you for being there

I am happy that you are there

I am grateful for your help

It is precious to have you there.

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  1. Ter Landreau

    April 30, 2010 at 8:51 am

    Living a life
    True to heart’s purpose
    Means tending to awareness
    At unmmeasurable levels.
    Easily buried – alive, unless we strike a clear course
    For sustained breath in the midst of pollution.