October 23, 2020

All are happening for best


My heart was filled with sorrow

Like the clouds of the sky

And there was nothing except tears

About the cross I bore.

I wandered like a child in strange places

To find out that distant solace of mine

The waves are seeking the shore of peace

Birds are flying to reach the highest of freedom

Like my mind is in the bank of solitude

to seek the answer.

Oh, Kindly light, come this way

Carrying lot of flowers and golden rays

To remove the clouds of regret and disappointment

by your sweet caressing touch.

Till this time I thought that

The spring of life had shed

The flowers of joy has gone

Only thorns and rocks of regret remain in the garden of life.

But I hope to survive these obstacles

by your guidance.

I heard your heavenly song

From the depths of my heart

And became a slave

By the mesmerism of those lyrics.

“All are happening for best

There is a purpose for all incidents in life

Give all your heart’s honesty in what you do

Let the rest be with the mystery of life”.

The path to the solace I seek

to live this life with hope and joy.

5 thoughts on “All are happening for best

  1. Giving from one heart honestly takes a special spirit to withstand the world’s cycnism. That’s your gift to us, Daisy! Thank you.

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