What I love most about America:

15 Nov

What I love most about America is its diversity. It is a small world in itself. You will see people from all over the world, sometimes in the same room. The immigrants bring their culture into this society and that makes American society the most diverse society in the world. Because of that same reason, we can see the broad mentality in people.

Sometimes I see people born and bought up here say that we don’t have a culture or culture of our own. But for me, that is the uniqueness of American culture. It made American culture very tolerant and accepting. People who are Americans and others, who cannot realize that miss the meaning and greatness of America. It accepts and adopts different customs and festivals from different cultures all over the world. Many festivals are from different countries.

If we look at the American English, we can see that diversity. Many words from different countries are adopted in the language. Pronunciation is very different from British English because of that same reason. French, Mexican, Italian…etc words have unique way of pronunciation which is adopted in American English. People from other countries will have hard time learning all that pronunciation in a short time.

The culture of acceptance can be seen in individual lives too. The culture is really adopting when it comes to ‘adoption’ of children. People with different colors- white, black or brown have no problem accepting a different colored child as their own. It is amazing to see how ‘adoption’ became a part of American people’s life.

If we look into the history of America, we can see it is developed into a great country with immigrants from all over the world. This reflects in the immigration policies too. American government gives citizenship after 5 years of permanent residence.

Diversity is what makes America beautiful and unique. Each American should be proud of that culture of theirs. It never makes America weaker, but the strongest society in the world.


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