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My name is Daisy. I believe in the goodness of people. What I am trying to do here with is to present my scattered thoughts to live this life with content. Each person is unique and this life is a gift given to us. It is in us whether we can live it with happiness or not. When you read most of the articles, you will realize that most of it points to one truth- self-realization. If you ask me whether I know myself – I will say ‘I am learning every day who I am- and I am trying my best to be me always’. I am not perfect, I am one among all of you.

Professionally, I have education in law & computers. I am analytical, and like to improve whatver I see. My linkedin profile:

The photos I am using are my photographs.  You can purchase it from here: (Different formats are available to purchase. Art/canvas/framed prints, greeting cards, posters etc. They ship it to you. )

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