Standing up for what is right:

26 Nov

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Standing up for what is right is not an easy task to do. It needs great strength and courage. Sometimes it can happen only with significant support from someone as strong as the other person. Most of the times it can cause materialistic loss like money, position, etc. And sometimes, they will be seen as if they are fools in this practical world. People wonder do they ever gain anything by ‘Standing up for what is right’?

Mostly, when people stand up for what is right, they gain nothing for themselves. They gain for others. It is a selfless act. It can take away their peace of mind too. Then why do they do it?

When we stand up for what is right, we gain something for others in society. It makes you strong in who you are. Most of the time, people don’t express who they are because of various reasons. Then we are suppressing the real person in us. If we suppress that authentic person all the time, one day he/she is going to explode, which can make things worse. Suppressing our self is like dying each time. ‘Standing up for what is right’ is a basic human right for each person. When people deny that for various reasons, they treat others without respect or act selfishly.

Popular people or public figures will be afraid to talk about their true feelings. When American President Obama talked about his feelings about being black, I felt respect towards him as a person. He just stood up for what he felt right to say or act.

When I say ‘Standing up for what is right’, I think it is important to add “in your heart” too. Because what I felt right may not be the same for others. It will help others to understand better if they have an ear to listen.

When you ‘Stand up for what is right’, you are living as the real ‘YOU’. It is living life in all its fullness.

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How can we feel successful?

09 Apr

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Success is defined in different ways, in different countries and cultures. Most of the time, it is money and power. Recently when I heard about a cancer survivor(Lance Armstrong) who cheated all the people who looked upon him for inspiration, I felt really sad. Is money and power ‘success’? If success should make a person happy, all those ‘successful’ people are happy in their life? Did you ever wonder why people are never satisfied with their bank savings? Are millionaires the most successful people? Money is never enough for most millionaires as well.

How we should look at success in our life? How we put measures on it? Every individual defines success in their way depending upon experiences and perception of society they live in. Achieving something is a success for many. Think about something you wanted so badly in the past….assuming that is the greatest achievement? When you got that, you felt so happy and proud. But after a few months or years, do you feel the same excitement you had first? Yes, or maybe not. Now you will be looking for something better than that; the other achievement became ordinary and not so important. So the feeling of success is momentary? How can we feel successful always?

Success is momentary when we look upon it in a narrow-minded way. If power and money are the only success for us, then we will never feel successful and satisfied. Look at our life as one entire picture. If anything in the past still makes you smile and feel so good about yourself, then that is a success. If you wanted something and tried for it, it is a success even if you didn’t achieve it the way you want, because you tried your best for it. Remember, many people didn’t even bother to try.

Define your success differently than other people or society think of. Sacrificing money and career for the loved ones seems foolish for some people. They will not understand the contentment and happiness it provides. It may not be a success for others, but that should not matter to the person in us. Success must be something that makes you feel good about yourself, proud of being the ‘you’. So we can define success this way: if you improved something from the state where it was before, it is a success. Success is something that makes you proud of yourself; makes you feel worthy of yourself.

The most successful person is the one who is content with himself or herself. Then this world will look different with bright colors and excitement. Life becomes joyful. Success will come to them since they feel successful.

So every time you take a new step in life, feel successful… feel good about yourself!

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What I love most about America:

15 Nov

What I love most about America is its diversity. It is a small world in itself. You will see people from all over the world, sometimes in the same room. The immigrants bring their culture into this society and that makes American society the most diverse society in the world. Because of that same reason, we can see the broad mentality in people.

Sometimes I see people born and bought up here say that we don’t have a culture or culture of our own. But for me, that is the uniqueness of American culture. It made American culture very tolerant and accepting. People who are Americans and others who cannot realize that miss the meaning and greatness of America. It accepts and adopts different customs and festivals from different cultures all over the world. Many festivals are from different countries.

If we look at American English, we can see that diversity. They adopted many words from different countries in the language. Pronunciation differs from British English because of that same reason. French, Mexican, Italian… etc words have a unique way of pronunciation which is adopted in American English. People from other countries will have a hard time learning all that pronunciation in a short time.

The culture of acceptance can be seen in individual lives, too. The culture is ‘adopting’ when it comes to the ‘adoption’ of children. People with different colors- white, black, or brown have no problem accepting a different colored child as their own. It is amazing to see how ‘adoption’ became a part of American people’s life.

If we look into the history of America, we can see it is developed into a great country with immigrants from all over the world. This reflects in the immigration policies too. The American government gives citizenship after 5 years of permanent residence.

Diversity makes America beautiful and unique. Each American should be proud of that culture of theirs. It never makes America weaker, but the strongest society in the world.

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Expressing our feelings:

13 Aug

We all are human beings, and each of us has so many hard situations to face in everyday life. Expressing feelings is important for all human beings in most situations. If we don’t do it, it is like holding gushing water from a dam. Ignoring to express feelings is not good for our body and mind. Now or later, it should go… we have to learn to let it go. When we express ourselves, then only we can live this life as who we are. It is important to know how we should express our feelings effectively.

We can express feelings in different ways. Every individual is unique and so expressing feelings is different for each person. Some ways are:

– Talk about it to a good friend

– Cry out loud

– Write it in words/ poem/story

– As a painting or any art form

– Listen to music

– Meditation/praying

– Physical activities thinking about it

Expressing feelings is important for individuals. If it is not done, some people become workaholics, alcoholics, or depressed to avoid dealing with their feelings. Unexpressed feelings can lead to something else we don’t even think of. That state makes us confused, stressed, and unhappy. It can ruin our relations with others, careers, and most anything. It is important to learn to deal with all frustrations and disappointments. If we cannot do it alone, do not hesitate to seek help.


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In the Moonlight

02 Jul

In the smooth shadowy moonlight

Traveling in the path of memories Read the rest of this entry »

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8 things to do when you feel down:

26 Apr

feeling down

Life is a mystery. There will be something always for us to feel down or depressed. It is perfectly alright to feel down. But recovering from that is better for us and others around us. These suggestions may help when you feel down.

  1.  Think about all your issues and be sad for some time- if you feel to cry, do it; if you write journals, write about it. Freak out by yelling, or punching a pillow or punch bag. Do whatever makes you feel good when you are alone. Try to express your sadness in some way.
  2. Take a deep breath, close your eyes and think of a similar issue that happened in the past. How did you handle it? What that taught you-how it affected you later in life?
  3. Now talk to yourself- “Yes, this time also- I can do it or this time I will not make that mistake again. Everything will be ok”. Assure yourself that there is nothing impossible.
  4. Do something which inspires you. If you like to read, read books that inspire you. If you like to pray- do that.
  5. Get up and do something you like. It can be walking, gardening, music, calling a friend, dancing, cooking, playing… etc; anything you enjoy.
  6. Think about your issue and see what you can do about it. Talk to someone you trust and see different options.
  7. If you cannot do anything about it- open up your hand and let it go. Believe- whatever is happening might be good to someone or you.
  8. Smile… get outside and look at the beauty of the world. Who knows tomorrow we will be here or not. Just do the right thing and leave the rest to fate/God as per your belief.

Be free and enjoy life! Face life as it comes!

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The greatest loss- loss of Self respect!

09 Mar

These powerful words couldn’t go away without some thinking. Why losing self respect is the greatest loss? Read the rest of this entry »


What is marriage? What is the significance of marriage?

26 Jan

Marriage is accepted as a custom in all cultures, religions, and countries. There are different rituals in different cultures. In different religions, with different ceremonies, it is treated as sacred. In most countries, it is a socially accepted custom with regulations. When time goes on, when individualism increases, it is a question, at least for some people- why marriage? Why it is needed- what is the significance?  Why not live together…what is the difference? Read the rest of this entry »


What I have to give to my kids?

18 Dec

Parenting is a learning process for most people. Just like each person is unique, each situation may be unique too. Parents always want their kids to excel in wherever they are. They are looking for ways to provide the best for their kids. Most of the time, they give whatever the kid wants. Sometimes it is challenging when there is a disappointment from any side. As a parent, what we have to give to our kids? Read the rest of this entry »

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Culture – what it means to each person?

10 Nov

Culture amazes me always. At the same time it is interesting to see how people use it in different way. For some it is an identity – like they are from this country, or they are this race, or they are in this religion….etc. But is that culture one person’s? What ‘culture’ means to each person? Read the rest of this entry »

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Truth of Life

27 Sep

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I didn’t see your beauty
I didn’t notice you
I was so busy
Thinking about the day ahead of me.

When I looked at trees
I saw the lumber in them
When I looked at the sun
I was annoyed by its heat
When I looked at Moon
I was wondering when I can be there.

The whispering of trees
The song of birds
The colorful flowers
The joyful sun
I didn’t see anything.

When I was in my hurry
I hit you in your head
Make you crippled and half dead
When I took you in my arms
I wished to give you the life back
I was helpless, dear bird!

When I stand in that stillness
Truth of life opened
The warmth of nature covered me
I found myself.

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You see when you believe:

25 Aug

My best friend said this- ‘You see when you believe; it should not be- you believe when you see …as always’. Maybe that can be romantic vs practical. Usually that is what people do- they believe only when they see things. But if you believe, you will see things. Read the rest of this entry »

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How to live with sensitivity:

13 Jul

One of my readers told me to write about ‘advice on how not to be sensitive’. This article or the previous article is not about ‘how not to be sensitive’, because, I will not tell anyone that being sensitive is something wrong or to be changed.  In the first article, I was telling it is a good trait in you. In this article, what I am saying is how to live with your sensitivity. Read the rest of this entry »


Importance of communicating feelings in marriage:

18 Jun

Marriage is the union of two identities. People live in their way for many years with their beliefs and mannerisms. With marriage they choose to share that life of theirs. Clashes are common- but to make it in a harmony- communication is important in a marriage. It is the maintenance part of the marriage. It is important to make sure that, feelings are communicated. Read the rest of this entry »

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How to find intention of our life:

22 May

Intention in life is not definite. Sometimes it comes through experiences in life. Sometimes it come through some incidents happened in our life. Sometimes people realize it through hardships in their life.  To perceive that, we need humility and acceptance. Destination or intention in life- you define as you go. Life is a journey. Take a step at a time.

(This is an interesting discussion I had with Abhishek, who is an engineer at Microsoft.) Read the rest of this entry »

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