How can we feel successful?

09 Apr

Success is defined different in different countries and cultures. Most of the time it is money and power. Recently when I heard about a cancer survivor(Lance Armstrong) who cheated all the people who looked upon him for inspiration, I felt really sad. Is money and power is the ‘success’? If success should make a person happy, all those ‘successful’ people are happy in their life?  Did you ever wonder why people are never satisfied with their bank savings? Are millionaires the most successful people? Money is never enough for most millionaires also.

How we should look at success in our life? How we put measures for it? Every individual defines success in their own way depending upon experiences and perception of society they live in. Achieving something is success for many. Think about something you wanted so badly in the past….thinking that is the greatest achievement? When you got that, you felt so happy and proud. But after few months or years, do you feel the same excitement you had first? Yes, or maybe not. Now you will be looking something better than that; the other achievement became something ordinary and not so important. So the feeling of success is momentary? How can we feel successful always?

Success is momentary when we look upon it in a narrow minded way. If power and money is the only success for us, then we will never feel successful and satisfied. Look at our life as a whole. If anything in the past still makes you smile and feel so good about yourself, then that is a success. If you wanted something and tried for it, it is a success even if you didn’t achieve it the way you want, because you tried your best for it. There are many who didn’t even try.

Define success in your own way. Sacrificing money and career, for the loved ones seems foolishness for some people. They will not understand the contentment and happiness it provides. It may not be success for others, but that doesn’t matter for the person in us. Success must be something which makes you feel good about yourself, proud about being the ‘you’.  In a way, success can be defined this way: if you improved something from the state where it was before, it is a success. Success is something which makes you proud about yourself; makes you feel worthy of yourself.

The most successful person is one who is so content in himself or herself. Then this world will look totally different with bright colors and excitement. The life becomes joyful. Success will come to them since they feel successful.

So every time you take a new step in life, feel successful….feel good about yourself!


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